Collection: rethemo

Like so many companies, rethemo was born out of people's need. Since the beginning of 2020, when the issue of Covid-19, a growing number of other unprecedented diseases and cancer began to appear, we have been observing this issue in our practice for integrative medicine and osteopathy.
At that time there was no effective remedy for these symptoms, and certainly no natural one.

In our small family business, we then developed an immune complex made from the best bioavailable plant extracts, which can provide the best possible support for the immune system. We have observed that ARTHEMO can provide exceptionally good support in our treatments, especially for patients with different symptoms, such as various viral or bacterial diseases.

Over time, more and more patients came with skin problems. That's why we thought about the SKEAL skin care set. SKEAL has even been used very successfully on patients with long-standing neurodermatitis.