Mission statement

Our mission statement:

Our natural products are based on three pillars of sustainability:

Health - Ecology - Economy

Our shop stands for high-quality and sustainable natural products. We rely on our own certification. We maintain personal relationships with each manufacturer and their suppliers to ensure that our products are manufactured under fair and sustainable conditions. Sustainability is our top priority, which is why we only use environmentally friendly and fully recyclable packaging.

Respectful treatment of people and nature forms the foundation of our actions. We attach great importance to regionality and transparency in order to offer our customers an authentic shopping experience. For us, acting in partnership means acting together and on an equal footing for the benefit of all. Training and basic knowledge are essential for us to always be up to date and to offer our customers the best possible advice."

rethemo - Official partner of your health!

Our goal is to empower people to take responsibility for their health.

We see it as our task to promote the inexhaustible potential in every person, every day.

Take responsibility for your health, every day.

A few years ago we set ourselves the task of developing immune system support for everyone. We wanted to be different from hard-to-digest pills and capsules and make it as easy as possible to supply the body with the important plant substances it needs for a stable balance and to activate its own self-healing powers.

Based on the latest scientific findings, we only develop products that support health.

Over the last few years we have perfected our recipes and only use organic and DEMETER raw materials.


We are proud to manufacture with environmentally friendly and sustainable Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) certified companies. Full batch records mean that every single pack is 100% traceable.

What makes our products so special?

Few ingredients, big effect, so minimally formulated. What makes us special is that we treat all liquid products with a special physically patented method.



We always follow the latest scientific findings and source all our ingredients with the aim of ensuring the highest possible quality and effectiveness.
Free from synthetic substances. No additives, fillers or auxiliary materials. No yeast, wheat, soy or egg. No artificial flavors, colors or preservatives. No added sugar, lactose and gluten free. Free from animal products = vegetarian/vegan. Our soaps are free from sulfates and surfactants (including biosurfactants from coconut oil).

That is why our products have no known side effects. You can find indications and information on use on the Futhera Foundation package insert.

We have not conducted any clinical human studies on the effectiveness of our products. This is not necessary if our statements on the effectiveness of the ingredients contained in the respective products are based on reliable scientific findings.

You can find studies and further information here:

Futhera Foundation