Collection: Lip care


One thing is certain for us: not only today, but also in the future, we are fully focused on the topic of lip care. Our vision is for Hipi Faible to become synonymous with lip care in the natural cosmetics sector. We only use high-quality ingredients and sensible packaging. In addition to a high-quality product, it is very important to us to also consider all issues from an ethical perspective.


Most people will probably associate Hipi Faible with the 1968 hippie. This little "misunderstanding" doesn't bother us at all. However, " Hippi " is not derived from the 1968 hippie, but is a term from the language of the indigenous people of New Zealand - the Maori - and means " sheep ". With the name we want to make it clear how much we value our main ingredient - wool wax - and its nourishing and wound-healing properties.


For us, sustainability is just as important as a good product. However, we do not approach this topic dogmatically, but rather look at the ingredients and packaging materials we want to use in great detail. This means, for example, that the Hipis are not vegan, but we do make sure that our wool wax comes from organic sheep farming and that the animals have a good life. When choosing packaging materials, it is particularly important to us that the materials are easy to recycle.


Our most important ingredient is lanolin . It is usually contained in about 80% of the recipes and has softening and wound-healing properties - perfect for lip care! It is not without reason that lanolin is used in many baby products such as wound ointments, medicinal wool or nipple ointments for breastfeeding mothers.

Our wool wax is the only organically certified wool wax in the world, something we are particularly proud of. The quality is so high that the risk of allergies is minimal. This is because the free wool wax alcohols have been reduced to a minimum. We also always ensure that our other ingredients are of the highest quality and, where possible, use organic quality.


The topic of fragrances in cosmetics is currently on everyone's lips. We have decided to offer products with and without fragrances. In most cases, fragrances have no skin-care properties and are not needed for this purpose in our lip care products. However, fragrances do have the ability to influence mood and are therefore also used in aromatherapy. Since the lips are anatomically very close to the nose, our fragrances create a pleasant feeling. We only use natural fragrances of high quality and always below the permitted concentrations, but would like to stress at this point that fragrances are often potent allergens. Everyone has to decide for themselves whether a great fragrance is important to them and test whether the product is well tolerated. Of course, the allergenic fragrances are listed at the end of our ingredient list.  


The Hipis are produced near Koblenz. But we also rely on quality "Made in Germany" for our packaging, such as the pump dispenser. The raw materials usually do not come from Germany, as the desired qualities are often not available here. Our organic wool wax, for example, comes from Patagonia in the south of Argentina, but is reprocessed in Germany.