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What is so special about rethemo® products?
The products from rethemo® are genuine biologically valuable, vegan and truly sustainable products from Germany made from the highest quality raw materials. We do not use any synthetic ingredients or microplastics. What distinguishes most of our products is the shortest list of ingredients.

Can I sell rethemo® products?
Of course! We are open to anyone who wants to sell healthy and sustainable products. You can easily apply to be an affiliate partner with us via AWIN or Digistore24. Register there for free and simply search for rethemo. Information and
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Aleppo Nature

The following applies to all solid and liquid soaps:

After each use, the soap should be stored dry to ensure a long shelf life.
Liquid soaps can cause sticking at the outlet opening. This opening should be cleaned from time to time (e.g. with a cotton swab).

Without sodium lauryl sulfate (SLS). Without carcinogenic substances.

Since these are natural oils, you will feel a difference when you use them. Your hands will not glide over your skin as slippery as with most shampoos, but will be slightly sticky (due to the cleansing of the skin) - so your skin will feel a little dry at first.

There is a low foam capacity at the beginning of the washing process because we do not use sodium lauryl sulfate (SLS). After a short wash, during which the oil has been removed from the skin, it foams like a normal shampoo.

The color and viscosity of Aleppo soap may change depending on the type of olive oil used, but the substance remains the same.


Hair soap should be rinsed out longer and more thoroughly than conventional shampoos.

Hair soap cares for hair and skin efficiently and effectively in a very natural way. After showering, the hair may stick together a little due to the removal of fats, as the hair is not yet used to the hair soap. This can be solved by brushing the hair immediately after drying. After a few days, the hair will adjust, as the change from chemical to natural substances takes some time to adjust. If you use the hair soap several times, this feeling will only be temporary and the hair will return to its original state. If this does not work, a cold or acidic rinse can improve the result.

So if your hair is stringy, feels greasy or heavy immediately after washing, there are a few helpful methods, because the harder the water, the more likely it is that soap residue/limescale will remain in the hair and not wash out well.

Cold rinse: Rinsing your hair with cold water exposes the cuticle layer of your hair. This makes your hair shinier and better protected from external environmental influences.

Acid rinse (with vinegar/lemon juice): After washing your hair, rinse your hair with a liter of cold water and 1-2 tablespoons of apple cider vinegar or the juice of half a lemon. The limescale/soap residue is removed and the hair becomes soft and smooth.


ARTHEMO: If I combine the individual active ingredients myself and take them, will this have the same effect as ARTHEMO?

ARTHEMO not only consists of high-quality Demeter-certified medicinal herbs, but has also undergone a special patented manufacturing process. This ensures a high bioavailability of the individual substances, which can be easily absorbed by the cells.

Is there a difference in taste from bottle to bottle?

ARTHEMO is a purely natural product. This means that all plant substances contained in it, as well as the organic alcohol, are subject to the influences of the climate, soil composition and harvesting conditions. Standardized quality and aroma is therefore not possible.

I noticed color variations in ARTHEMO.

See also question about taste. ARTHEMO is a natural product that is subject to climatic fluctuations and therefore cannot be produced in a standardized quality.

Why does it not say on the bottle of ARTHEMO which indications it can be used for?

In Europe, there is the Health Claims Regulation. It states that no binding statements can be made about specific areas of application or properties for preventing, treating or curing a disease, or the impression can be given that this is the case, unless it has first undergone scientific studies. These studies are usually extremely expensive and time-consuming.

Hipi faible

As you've probably already noticed, the biggest innovation in our Hipi Faible lip care is the so-called airless dispenser. We'd like to tell you in more detail how such a dispenser works and why we chose this type of product packaging!

At the beginning of our product development phase, we focused primarily on the recipe and the high-quality ingredients in order to develop an optimal lip care product. Having achieved this goal, it was time to choose beautiful, high-quality packaging for our lip care. We found what we were looking for relatively quickly at an Italian producer of stylish glass jars. The first samples of our new care in glass jars were quickly produced and the first "guinea pigs" were allowed to compete. Product development could actually have been completed at this point, because the product convinced the first testers almost across the board - both in terms of consistency and smell, but also the beautiful glass jar. However, there was also constant feedback on the subject of hygiene - many of you simply don't like it when dust, lint or similar accumulates in the jars after a certain amount of time. Of course, we could understand that straight away and even though it was difficult to put the beloved jar back in the drawer, this feedback opened up a whole new opportunity for us to develop a unique selling point for our lip care.

From now on, we will meticulously work on finding packaging that is still beautiful, but first and foremost hygienic and practical. All of the well-known packaging in the lip care sector actually did not offer the hygienic advantages we were looking for. The jar has already failed because over time - and lip care is usually used for several weeks before it is empty - it no longer looks good. This is partly due to dirt, but also to constant contact with air and light when the lid is opened. Sooner or later, this leads to the oxidation of some ingredients and their change in terms of color, smell, consistency and effectiveness. Then, of course, there are the well-known - and most commonly used - lipstick tubes. With these, the product is not touched with the finger, but here too the lip care is exposed to light and air when opened, and germs can also get onto the product when it touches the lips. Ultimately, there are still tubes that do a lot better, but here too, air can at least get inside when the tube expands again after use. In addition, these tubes are often not very precise when it comes to dosing – especially when they are no longer completely full.


We source all raw materials from certified manufacturers. We only use very pure and natural raw materials and, whenever possible, raw materials from controlled, organic cultivation. Sustainability in terms of ecology, economy and social compatibility is always our top priority.

The combination of turmeric, coconut oil and xylitol prevents gingivitis
and fights caries-causing
Bacteria. The teeth and interdental spaces
are cleaned by the carnauba. Turmeric also has the advantage of whitening the teeth! This creates the turmeric effect.

As we all know, tastes differ. Others promise a taste experience and use a lot of chemicals to achieve this! We care about your health with a mild aroma for everyone! We consciously avoid flavor enhancers or similar chemical additives!

WHY DOES THE myMUNDART SOMETIMES HAVE SLIGHTLY DIFFERENT COLOURS? As with the taste, the ingredients are completely natural and depending on the harvest, for example with turmeric, the colour can be a little stronger or a little less!

Quite the opposite! Our BIO tube is made from 100% renewable natural materials. The production of 1,000 kg of our tubes reduces a total of 2,500 kg of CO2. You are therefore also making a contribution to reducing CO2!

We deliberately do not use any outer packaging (the cardboard box that contains the tube!), because it does nothing for the tube and harms the environment!


Fluorides are now also used by many dentists as a caries prophylaxis
controversial, as tooth decay is not a fluoride deficiency disease, but is often caused by poor eating habits. Fluoride is a natural substance in our drinking water (approx. 0.3 mg/liter). Fluorides can be harmful to health - despite their natural occurrence. Since children like to swallow the often good-tasting toothpaste when brushing their teeth, health problems can occur even in childhood.

Fluoride is often used in toothpastes and in dental treatments because it is said to harden tooth enamel and inhibit the growth of bacteria. Unfortunately, fluoride can not only kill negative bacteria, but also impair the function of the cells in our oral mucosa. Furthermore, tooth enamel hardened by fluoride splinters off more quickly than natural tooth enamel, which is softer and therefore more resistant.

As early as 2010, a report appeared on Spiegel Online in which the positive effect of fluoride was questioned.
We have therefore decided to offer all myMUNDART products fluoride-free.

We have not yet received any evidence that our myMUNDART products have caused any problems in the mouth or teeth when taken at the same time as homeopathic remedies.

If you still experience any discomfort when using the product, you should stop using it and please inform us.

All products are designed to be PH-neutral during development!

This would go completely against our philosophy and we would never dare to write ORGANIC on our myMUNDART products.

SKEAL skin care set


Use SKEAL healing soap to clean the affected skin areas
and then wash everything thoroughly with clean water.
Please ignore the feeling of dry skin. In fact,
the SKEAL healing soap is highly moisturizing, but without synthetic
After drying the affected areas, apply
the SKEAL oil. As soon as you notice that the oil has been absorbed,
you can repeat this process if necessary.
With daily use, you will soon have a
notice significant improvement in the affected skin areas and
Your skin will regenerate.
The skin care set can
Safely used for all age groups and all types of houses


The super mild and soft face cream cares for sensitive children's skin. It gives it moisture and a fresh feeling, is quickly absorbed and does not leave a sticky residue. It has a delicate scent of natural cocoa butter and real bourbon vanilla. It contains no essential oils and of course no other fragrances. With its creamy consistency, it is very economical.

The soft cream contains high-quality, purely plant-based ingredients from all over the world. Loved by all children. Daisy (Europe) macerate makes the skin more resilient and soothes irritations. Cocoa butter (South America) evens out dry areas. Witch hazel (North America) plant water soothes and moisturizes. Baobab oil (Africa) protects the skin. Mallow (Asia) macerate soothes skin irritations. And macadamia oil (Australia) strengthens the skin structure and ensures a soft skin feel.

The Tutaonana organic children's face cream is organic certified, vegan and also suitable for babies.

And it connects the children of the world. 25% of the profit from the sale of each product goes towards eye operations for children suffering from cataracts, giving them their sight.

Ordering, shipping and returns

Where does rethemo® ship?
We at rethemo® want to offer the best natural products to people not only in Germany. That is why we also ship our products abroad. About Germany
In addition, we ship to the EU, Switzerland and Lichtenstein as standard. If you live in another country and are interested in testing our products, please send us an email to:

How much are the shipping costs?
Orders with a value of €49 or more are shipped free of charge within Germany. Otherwise, shipping costs of €4.99 apply within Germany. For all other countries, please see the Shipping section.

Which payment methods are accepted?
We accept all common payment methods, including various cryptocurrencies.

When will I receive the order?
All orders are processed within 24 hours. Standard shipping takes 2-4 working days and is carried out by DHL. As soon as our logistics service provider receives the
has received your order, you will receive a tracking number by email. If there are any problems with your delivery, please write
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How can I change or cancel my order?
We always try to ship your order as quickly as possible. However, this also means that we may not be able to intercept or change your order in time. If you still want to cancel or change your order, please send us an email within 24 hours to We will do our best to process the request.

My shipment arrived damaged. What can I do?
Send us an email with your order number and pictures of the damage (to the outer packaging and the contents) to . You can find the order number in
Your order confirmation, which we sent to you by email

What can I do if I want a refund
In the event that you are not satisfied with our product, you can cancel the order within fourteen days of receiving the goods. Only unopened products can be returned. More detailed information on how to exercise your right of cancellation can be found here: Right of cancellation