Collection: toothpaste

AFRAID of brushing your teeth?

Unfortunately, brushing teeth is often unpopular. This changes fundamentally with a toothpaste that feels pleasant in the mouth, gives a good feeling after brushing and supports the mucous membrane in my mouth.

Wouldn’t you like to experience this too?

For the whole family

Health-conscious customers value our products because they allow them to care for their teeth and mouth area in a natural and organic way - and in a sustainable way.

Our natural active ingredient complex for the prevention of: caries, periodontitis, tartar formation and bleeding gums


We only use pure and valuable, organic-natural ingredients and components from plants. We try to use as few ingredients as possible and only as much as necessary. All ingredients are vegan and we do not test on animals at all. Our products are manufactured in a phyto-cosmetics factory.

Fluoride free?

Fluorides are now controversial among many dentists as a means of preventing caries, as tooth decay is not a fluoride deficiency disease, but is often caused by poor eating habits.

Even people with braces and crowns and dentures can use myMundart without any concerns. There is nothing to prevent it from being used with electric toothbrushes.