Collection: myMUNDART

With the birth of our daughter in 2015, we switched completely to organic, regional and sustainable nutrition. But it wasn't just nutrition that was important to us, but everything related to the human body and a good and healthy life.

In this context, we soon found out that most toothpastes and mouthwashes contain a lot of chemicals! We looked around the market for alternatives and unfortunately found that not everything that glitters is gold.

Either they contain harmful substances, or the products are natural and taste terrible, or we had worse bad breath afterwards than before! We also noticed that the organic toothpastes foam poorly. Most people love it when their teeth foam when they brush.

That's why we decided to develop our own truly holistic organic toothpaste, which actually works in a natural way.

The main focus should of course be on the content or ingredients, but also on the packaging and everything that goes with it! So after three years of development, together with our manufacturer, we managed to develop a product for ourselves whose content is completely organic and natural, does not involve animal testing, child labor, etc. and has also found a tube that is made from the 100% renewable raw material sugar cane!

But we didn't just want it to be ecological, social and fair, we also wanted to create our products for everyone. All of our products are completely vegan and we are particularly proud that, despite our sensational effectiveness, we can avoid ingredients such as fluoride, alcohol, sorbitol, microplastics, petroleum, etc.