Hipi Faible - Meine Erfahrung

Hipi Faible - My Experience

Hipi Faible , which means "sheep" in the language of the Maori - the indigenous people of New Zealand - produces natural lip care from wool wax. Hipi Faible is one of rethemo's selected partners because of its natural and high-quality ingredients. Read my experiences with Hipi Faible here:

Organic wool wax from Patagonia

Let's start with the ingredients. When choosing products, I always pay special attention to the ingredients and what is actually contained in a product.

The most important ingredient in Hipi Faible's lip balms is lanolin - wool wax. The wool wax comes from Patagonia in the south of Argentina. The sheep live there in the wild all year round.

Hipi Faible's lanolin is the only organically certified lanolin in the world. That's a big plus for me!

One of the reasons I wanted to switch to natural lip balms is because I found that regular lip balms dry out my lips. Also, there can be unnecessary ingredients in lip balms that one can be sensitive to.

Lanolin has softening and healing properties and does not dry out the lips. It forms a protective layer on the lips that prevents moisture loss. I have found that it really softens my lips. Do not lick your lips as this will dry them out.

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Hipi Faible - Natural and nothing else

One of my favorite products from Hipi Faible is the "Natural and nothing else." It contains wool wax, but also organic shea butter and jojoba oil. This version contains no fragrances and there are no special additives.

If you prefer a lip balm with fragrance, you can choose one of the following variants:

- Fresh vanilla & Manuka honey

- Coconut & Bisabolol

- Hyaluron & Aloe Vera

- Chili & Ginger

- Mint & Menthol

- Cherry & Champagne Glitter

All ingredients are natural raw materials and, where possible, organically grown. Only one synthetically produced substance is used: panthenol (provitamin B5). This is contained in the Panthenol & Algae variant.

Sun protection & lip care with colour

The lip balms with sun protection are ideal for summer holidays! I also love that they come in different shades. You can choose from plum, old pink and bronze nude.

The Hibi Faible team has worked for more than two years to develop these products to remain true to the nourishing nature of the brand and its high-quality ingredients.

The UV filter in lip balms with sun protection is zinc oxide. They avoid the use of titanium dioxide.

Airless dispenser

Finally, the tube! It comes in a really nice dispenser that is easy to carry around. It is also hygienic because it protects the lip balm from light and air.

I like that the product is very durable. You can use the dispenser up to 300 times. However, it is made of plastic. I don't like plastic, but they say that this is the only option for the airless dispenser and that it is easy to recycle.

When using the dispenser for the first time, make sure to pump it up several times.

Hipi Faible Experience

Hipi Faible is one of my favorite natural lip balm brands. They really take the ingredients and nourishing properties of their lip balms seriously. With so many different variations, there is always one that suits your needs!

hipi faible natural and nothing else

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