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Children's skin

... is delicate and in need of protection . It has a thinner stratum corneum than in adults and can therefore dry out more easily. But it can also regenerate quickly.

Children usually do not need cream if their skin is healthy and balanced. However, there are many with sensitive or dry skin in places. Environmental influences or genes can play a role here.
And of course there are days in the sun or at the swimming pool when a little extra moisture and care in the evening is really good. Many people also want their own face cream after showering, taking a bath or in winter.

Pure nature

Tailored to sensitive children’s skin The Tutaonana organic children's face cream contains carefully selected, high-quality organic plant oils. Baobab oil, cocoa butter and raspberry seed oil nourish and protect the skin. Flower water from witch hazel regulates the skin's moisture. Extracts from mallow and daisies have a calming effect.

The light, creamy consistency is quickly absorbed and gives the skin a fresh, velvety feel. Super mild and also suitable for babies. Only with the delicate scent of natural cocoa butter and real bourbon vanilla.
We consciously avoid using any fragrances, including essential oils.

Let's make the world more colorful

25% of the profits from the sale of Tutaonana Organic Children's Face Cream go directly to eye operations for children.
We work with various organizations to ensure that we can help in a flexible way. This allows us to work with you to make a contribution to the children of our world. Because those who can see can more easily reach for the stars.
The world is colorful - for everyone!