Collection: Aleppo Nature

Our natural soaps are made in Germany and have Syria in their hearts.

We are a family business in Bavaria. Our producer comes from Aleppo and is a chemist. He already had his own natural cosmetics company there, which was then destroyed in the war.

The Aleppo natural soaps are made using a traditional cold process. Even in Syria, only a few soap specialists use this sophisticated but beautiful method. It is the secret of our light Aleppo soaps.

Natural cleansing for skin and hair from the cradle of soap art is our passion. Only maximum quality and the best skin compatibility meet our standards. We always keep the environment in mind.

Thanks to the high proportion of precious laurel oil and the gentle production using a sophisticated cold process based on traditional Aleppo recipes, our soaps retain valuable vitamins and active ingredients and are not boiled away. A true gift for skin that is often stressed by many ingredients.

Good to know: Real Aleppo soaps only contain olive oil, laurel oil, water and lye for the saponification process. Less is more!